ZAPA beton strives to save the environment so that it has a positive impact on people and surroundings. By regularly training employees, we strive to make them aware of their actions towards the environment and minimize interference with them.

As such, ZAPA minimizes the environmental impact of its operations in accordance with the legislation in force and, moreover, we come up with ways to minimize the impact. At the concrete plants, recycling facilities are in operation to recover residual concrete. The resulting sludge water and concrete residues (the so-called recycled material) are processed back in production and thus minimized waste. At present, we are trying to ensure the production of equipment that would use the sludge water and recycled waste completely. Separate waste containers are commonplace. As part of saving water, we will test equipment that will reduce waste. We would like to introduce this equipment in all concrete plants in the future. To reduce dust levels, we use enclosed equipment, cladding and efficient filters to reduce emissions to the environment. We are equipped with an emergency plan specific to each operation against a possible accident. Instructions in case of an accident and emergency set are located at every place where harmful substances are handled. We implement Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO 14001.