Nowadays, it is no longer possible to ignore the environmental impacts of our daily lives. Day by day we are informed about an impacts of our current prosperity and its side effects, which can be hardly overlooked.
We are witnessing a generational change in thinking and attitude in relation to our surroundings. We also perceive a huge opportunity for companies, their customers but also their employees in the need of overall change and approach of their further direction, innovation of their strategy to current market needs. 

Also in ZAPA, there is definitely an increase of customers who are interested in our products, whether in terms of ecology, environmental impact or resource savings. ZAPA has been on the market for more than 25 years. And from the very beginning of its existence, long before the current “strong” awareness of ecology emerged, ZAPA wanted to go in a different direction.
Result of the idea of perceiving concrete mixing plants other than a gray, run down and shubby construction standing out of the surrounding area can be seen at our operations's landscape, either with its graphics, building protective walls, or planting trees to prevent noise and dust into the surroundings. Since the very beginning of our company, characteristic graphics have become an integral part of all our events. In the long term, we have been developing new building materials, thanks to which our innovative products can be integrated into sustainable construction. For the coming years, the topic of sustainability in concrete will be reflected in many of our upcoming projects.