Project KOVV

Quality and Sales Are a Common Affair

Focus on quality is and will be our main motto. However, it is not just our concrete but all processes in our company that are intertwined in an infinite number of activities, information and communications, whether in operation or administration.
The KOVV project involves changes in the quality of concrete, services, trade, external and internal communication. In the area of ​​processes and procedures as well as performance evaluation and last but not least, there were significant graphic, modern and innovative changes in our price lists, offer and contract documents, which should bring the customer better orientation and information about the offered products. Results we expect:

  • Constant quality of products and services - to transform the production of ready-mixed concrete into an “industrial process”
  • Customized products and services
  • Win-win goal - higher benefits for ZAPA and its customers


An integral part of the quality management system was a top quality management policy established by top management, which is in line with the company's strategy, objectives, objectives and capabilities. It defines the satisfaction of its customers with the products and services offered as one of the main priorities. For quality assurance, a new organizational structure was created in November 2014 under the responsibility of the CEO and includes technology, laboratories and ISO processes. Since February 2015, new quality manager Giuseppe Giunti, an experienced technologist from our Italian sister company Unical SpA, has been working at ZAPY. It brings a completely new perspective on internal quality assessment with a focus on quality assurance in accordance with relevant standards, but also the standards of Buzzi Group's own control. Thanks to the experience of Mr. Giunti and his team of technologists, customers are offered new recipes and special products that meet their requirements for quality, speed of processing and maturing of concrete, which in many cases will reduce the cost of construction or part of the construction.
To ensure professionalism in quality, our sales representatives also undergo technological training and work closely with our experts in obtaining and implementing construction orders.


This part of the project is very closely focused on the cooperation between the construction site and the concrete mixing plant and the emphasis is on ensuring constant and unchanged quality of the delivered concrete. The fundamental rule is to choose the right consistency to guarantee the required workability on site. Emphasis is placed on minimizing the treatment of the delivered concrete on site and provides recommendations to builders not to add water to the concrete.


Project NEMO
  • NEMO, launched January 1, 2017, is a project of ZAPA beton intended for our customers and the professional public in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • The name is an acronym for New Evolved Materials for innOvation. Why that? As a dynamic and innovative company, ZAPA beton leverages the long-term experience of its multinational parent companies Buzzi and Dyckerhoff to develop and introduce new special products. Some of them are already available to our customers.
  • We know that our customers, investors, architects, and engineers want to be aware of the latest trends in construction materials and are interested in advice regarding the selection of a suitable product that will fulfill their expectations, maximize value added, and optimize the time and effort needed to complete their projects.
  • This is why we launched NEMO, which is managed by our experienced and well-trained quality, sales, and marketing personnel. We have selected one sales representative for special products and one technologist to assist with technological solutions to manage NEMO in each of our sales regions, Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia.
  • If the word NEMO rings a bell, that’s because the project (and its logo) are inspired by Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, in which the Nautilus, a high-tech (from a 19th-century point of view) submarine designed and captained by a man calling himself Nemo, demonstrates technological vision decades ahead of its time, cruising the depths of the world’s oceans, engaging in undersea research, and defying attempts of surface ships to capture it.
  • Project NEMO’s highlights in the waters of the Czech and Slovak markets include participation at some of the largest building industry trade fairs, seminars for industry professionals, and concrete mixing plant open days. These are just some of the ways we demonstrate our strength in innovation.