Valid as of July 1st, 2021

Entry into the outdoor areas of our facilities is allowed without the use of a respirator, if it is possible to maintain a distance of 2 m.
The use of a respirator is mandatory in all common indoor areas or office buildings. 


Information on current measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic

Valid as of September 23rd, 2020

Based on proposed recommendations and the government‘s measures, we ask you to cooperate in protecting the health of our and your employees at  the premises of ZAPA: Administrations, Concrete plants, Dispatching centers, Gravel pits as well as at your premises.

Therefore, we ask you to:

  • wear personal protective equipment (PPE):  a face mask, respirators, scarves. Without any PPE do not enter the premises of ZAPA,
  • enter the Dispathing area individually, keep the recommended distance while accepting and signing delivery notes,
  • have your own stationery (pen, pencil) available,
  • notify us (Plant Manager, Sales Manager) immediately without any delay in case of Covid-19 infection ocurrence. You can also use the email:

We recommend to use a payment card for cash payment.  All our concrete plants are equipped with payment terminals as well as some drivers.

Thank you for following all of the above rules during this difficult time.


Information on current measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic

Valid as of September 10th, 2020

In connection with the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of Slovakia, we kindly ask you to enter the area of the administration, concrete plant and control room individually, with your mouth and nose covered by:

  • face mask or respirator
  • scarf

Thank you for your cooperation.


Information on current measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic

Valid as of July 22nd, 2020

Currently, from July 1st, 2020 all hygienic measures has been released  and concentrated at the regional level.
All of our concrete plants operating without any restrictions.
As part of our group's preventive measures, we constantly comply with established safety and hygiene regulations: to keep safe distance, disinfection, limitation to personal contact in business negotiation.
Our sales and technical teams is fully available to provide you with all services by phone or online.
The implemented measures may change based on the actual development in the regions, we will keep you informed.


Information on current measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic

Valid as of 18.03.2020

The information will be updated according to the individual state regulations and the situation in individual regions

Dear Business Partners,
ZAPA beton has taken measures in connection with the current situation in the Czech Republic in order to protect the health of our employees as well as our business partners. These measures are valid for the current period and may change depending on the development of the national and regional situation.

March 18th, 2020

Offices of our departments are closed to the public. Communication takes place specially by telephone and via online (email).

Today, all of our concrete plants are in operation and our dispatchers continue to receive your orders for the concrete delivery to be actively solved. Up-to-date information will be always available on our website or you can call regional sales representatives.

Even at this time we are ready to provide you with business and information technology services, but we ask you to limit personal contact with our employees and to use distant communication.

In order to ensure the health of our employees in operation, we cancel the retail sale - we like to produce and deliver concrete, but we prefer to ensure delivery by our own transport. If you prefer to use your transport, we ask you for the highest consideration and to respect the government‘s regulations regarding the obligation to wear masks. It is therefore not allowed to enter the concrete plant without protective equipment - drapes, gloves.

In the concrete plant, please keep a distance of 2m from our employees and other customers. When signing delivery notes, we prefer everyone to use their own pen and minimize the contacts with DL. 

Please do not use a shared toilet. Because of the forms of transmission of the COVID 19 virus, we also recommend to wear protective glasses.

The same measures also apply to construction sites. Please respect the current situation, let us protect ourselves and our surroundings by providing measures also at the construction sites. Please keep a safe distance between builders and our mixer and pump drivers, minimizing contact only when handling delivery notes. Provide builders with drapes and gloves. In case our driver arrives at a construction site where these measures are not taken, he is ordered to leave the unsecured construction site.  Potentional subsequent claims and complaints from your side will not be accepted.

We also suspend withdrawals in the form of cash payments at the concrete plant or to the driver at the construction site. There are payment terminals at each of our premises. In case of contractual conditions by cash payment, please use the possibility of issuing an advance invoice. The advance invoice is always issued only for one of our establishments. For better monitoring of the drawing of deposited funds it is appropriate to have an advance invoice also according to individual buildings.  Application for an advance invoice can be done trough the dispatcher, the invoicing department and the sales representative. Concrete will always be releases based on the dispatcher‘s confirmation that the funds are credited to our account.


Thank you for not inviting colleagues in quarantine period, with respiratory problems, or to hazardous jobs sites. We make sure that our employees comply with all imposed restrictions.

The entire sales and technical team has 24/7 internet access, and can provide you with photo or video advice.

We thank to everyone for understanding and wish you good health.

Marco Duranda
General Manager
ZAPA beton SK s.r.o.